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Dec 31, 2021

COVID Positive

Best Friend Week

Ranch Water & MSG

Zach’s Parental Leave

Oliver Tree

The Pantry

Have To Can’t


The Robey, Violet Hour, & Paulie Gee’s


Uncle Roger

Yellowstone vs. Succession

The Power of the Dog

Project Hail Mary

The Shrink Next Door

Christmas Movies

No Time to Die

Encanto & Far...

Dec 8, 2021

Zach’s Parental Leave #2


Professional Unhappiness

Day of Decadence 2021

Have To Can’t

Driving & Urinating


Zach’s Opinion Waterfall

Zachs & Bunnies

Time Outs


Have To Children

Have To Movies & TV Shows

The Voyeurs, Succession

Scenes from a Marriage, Lamb

Shang Chi, Luca, How To with John...

Sep 8, 2021

Rip Roarin’


Toms, Birkenstocks, & Crocs

Last Names


Screen time & eating habits

CPAP, Tape, Breath

Reading & Audiobooks

Credit Cards

Have To Can’t

Ford Bronco

White Lotus

Neopolitan pizza again?


Ripping library CDs

Golf feuds

Nine Perfect Strangers, Clickbait

Reminiscence, Modern Love


Aug 19, 2021

Zach’s a zaddy and crying

Potty training

NYC & Pizza

San Marzano Tomatoes


4 Day Work Week


Have To Can’t

Steak & Lemonade

Ice & Chainmail

The Right Risk Level

Skateboarding & Birthing

Unwarranted Cheeks

Crib Yack

Nose Rings & Undercuts

Holiday Cocktail Lounge

Zane Lowe & Simon Rex

Cool Parents

Have To...

Jul 2, 2021

Zach hat shames

Zach offends

Zach landscapes & gardens

Zach hammocks & bikes

Petting zoos & ethical farming

Hello Aina

Have To Can’t

Birthing videos

Insurance salespeople

Seth Rogen

Micro movie reviews

Made for Love, Saint Maud

Sex/Life, The Choe Show

In the Heights, Dave

Raya, Wish Dragon

Outro: Matty – Can’t...