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Jan 19, 2021


Biking & Rowing

Review Analyzers



Dieting & Obese Zach

High School Fashion

Video Rental

Unnecessary Shaming & Superiority

Kale, Airpods, & Bruxism

Brendan Fraser

Morgan Wallen

Armie Hammer’s Cannibalism & Deuxmoi

South Loop

Giant Pimples

Playboi Carti

On the Rocks, Ted Lasso, One Night in...

Jan 4, 2021

Shoveling, Mowing, & Raking

Video Games?

Pillow Piles & Emo Kids


Have To Can’t

John Mulaney

Beef Wellington & Scotch Eggs

Forcing Foods & Pepin Talk

Pizza, Bugs, Horatio Sanz

Bridgerton & Living Room Horse

Dylan Sprouse & Momofuku Chili Crunch

How To with John Wilson

Dudes Who Are Down Bad

Micro Movie & TV...